Sunday, January 29, 2017

Danny Mastrogiorgio's Comic Appearance ~ Part 3

I will be getting right back to work on the comics today.  So, I will be working on NCIS: LA, Issue 2 and try to finish it.  So, I really want to move onto the next project, that is next on my list.

So, here's what I have coming up on my list of projects ...

NCIS Crossover | Issue 6 - write scripts

NCIS: LA | Issue 3 - type scripts

NCIS: LA | Issue 4 - writing plots

NCIS Crossover | Issue 16 - writing plots

NCIS Crossover | Issue 4 - working on pages

Those are the few of my projects, but I do have a much longer list but I will share just parts of it.  So, you can see that there's only NCIS at this moment, which means that my main focus is NCIS, not Sleepy Hollow nor TSCG.

Now on to ... You know what I mean! ...

This one features Danny Mastrogiorgio as Frankie Carbone for NCIS: LA

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Danny Mastrogiorgio's Comic Appearance ~ Part 2

I got another batch of panels from Sleepy Hollow, that features Danny Mastrogiorgio.  But first, I got some very important updates that needs to get out of the way.

I've been busy working on updating the websites, on Sleepy Hollow.  I will continue working on updating it, so it's up-to-date; two, updating the comic to read tab; three, the cast will be next; four, I will make some updates on the shop tab.  I will do the same for TSCG.  Like, working on getting the cast list updated.

The reason why I have not been working on the page buffer, is because of me working on updating the websites.  So, I will get back to building up on the page buffers.

Now, we can view some more Danny Mastrogiorgio moments on Sleepy Hollow ...

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Danny Mastrogiorgio's Comic Appearance ~ Part 1

I sure have not posted anything in a long time, but I'm back this time.

Today, I will post series of pics from my comics, that featured American Actor from New York, Danny Mastrogiorgio.  You may remember him in Gotham as Frankie Carbone and for those that hears his voice in GTA: Liberty City Stories, which he is well known for.

Enough said and let's get right to the pics ...

First of all, we will start off with Sleepy Hollow Hiatus: Part IV ...

Here he is, in his Frankie Carbone character

We got John Phillips, what a wiseguy he can be ...

With General William Howe & John Phillips, again

Stay tune for Round Two

Thursday, July 14, 2016

News Update: 7.15.2016

Today, I will wrap up on Issue 11 of Sleepy Hollow.  Then, after today, I will take a two day break til the next Issue, which is the final one for ACT II: Dreams Out Of Control.  And then, I do got five hiatus stories, plus a short story before the start of ACT III: It's All Coming True.  It sounds scary, just by looking at the name of the 3rd Act.  Enough said for Sleepy Hollow. . .

So now, is the day that I can tell you guys, the date for the launch of the NCIS Series. . .

The L.A. team

The RED team

Meet the Cyber Unit team
The launching date is . . . Friday, August 12th

And I will surely introduce the cast of NCIS and NCIS: LA, as well, also.  I'm only doing Season 1's for both comics, so I will introduce them to you guys, the Cast of NCIS . . .

He's the main protagonist of the main NCIS

Don't let his looks fool you, he can be a nerd, sometimes

The lead female character of the Series

Your gonna love Abby and her Goth ways

He can read you

She maybe short, but don't let her think that

. . . or just call him Ducky; great with talking to the dead

Time to introduce the Los Angeles Team . . .

The main protagonist of the L.A. team

The lead female character of the L.A. team

Known as Tony and a movie freak and got the looks for the ladies

Comes from the N.Y.P.D. to become a NCIS Agent

She always has a charm for Carbone and DiNozzo

The former FBI Agent that join N.C.I.S. Special Projects known as Osp

That's all the characters that I introduced so far, so I will do New Orleans soon, along with New York's.  But, there is one more character, that I will also share, here . . .

Yes, director of NCIS, the most exciting part of all

One reason why I want to share him, well, Vance controls every NCIS teams across the world and he's the director and will make special appearance in the Series and also a main character in three of the six shows.

So, remember . . .August 12th, everybody!  I will talk more about it on July's newsletter.

Hope you enjoy the news!

Friday, June 17, 2016

News Update: 6.17.2016

Now I know where I'm at on TSCG . . .
  • I need to finish up on working on Chapter 13 of TSCG
  • Page Buffer is at 8
  • Working on the scripts
I never that of that I'm even a little further behind than I thought and hoping to do NCIS Series and it might be a little delay on the new Series after all.

Friday, June 10, 2016

NEWSLETTER: 06.10.2016

It's been a long time since I've done a newsletter while during the hiatus days.  As for the plots, I will have to make a few changes in regard of changing the release date or update it, as I would say.  I will also have to delay Issue 10 of Sleepy Hollow into next year.  So, which means that I will also delay TSCG, too.  Well, enough on some of that, now I want to get to the real announcement that I have for you guys.

I've finally got the home page done except for the links part, but I will get to that as I progress.  I am making some good progress on the new Series.  Right now, I'm still working on the plots, then I will be able to get right onto the scripts, which is the fun part, and then I'll have to build up my page buffer so that I have enough for the page update.

The tricky part about the NCIS Series, there are four shows: NCIS, NCIS: LA, NCIS: NO, & NCIS: NY.  So, I will do one show at a time, which is switching around each Issue for each show, like: start off with NCIS Issue 0, then Issue 0 of LA, then Issue 0 of NO, and then Issue 0 of NY.  It will be a long Series, plus with the crossovers that goes with the Series.

When it comes to the page buffer, I still have to maintain each Series.  For Sleepy Hollow, I still have a pretty big buffer, but I also got the Sleepy Heads Series as my hiatus updates that I need to get to work on it.  For TSCG, still need to maintain that one and still pretty big buffer.  As for the NCIS Series, I want to maintain it the most, but I got Sleepy Hollow & TSCG to worry.  I have not got and idea on what days to update NCIS yet, but I will let you now on that real soon.

I will get back into the Q&A real soon.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

News Update: 6.7.16

Sleepy Hollow Returns
Sleepy Hollow is returning tonight since that hiatus I've been on and I am ready to get back into the comic world and Sleepy will update 7 times a week now.  So, that I can make up for the missed updates during the hiatus.

John Andre Arrives:
Tonight(Wednesday's page) | Page 5
Thursday, 6.9 | Page 6
Friday, 6.10 | Page 7
Saturday, 6.11 | Page 8
6.12 | Page 9
6.13 | Page 10
6.14 | Page 11
6.15 | Page 12
6.16 | Page 13(Last Page)

We will start Issue #11 on the 17th of June.

The Sin City Girls
TSCG will return update in the Fall/Winter

New Ideas
During my time off during the hiatus, I've came up with some new ideas for for another project, which is a new comic or comics Series.  Do you guys like crime dramas?  I do.  There will be a delay for TSCG's return and I have been thinking about this new projects and it will be a fun Series and the name of the project is NCIS, yes it is been a TV Series.  I always wanted to do a comic on this TV show.  Plus, there are going to be four: NCIS, NCIS: LA, NCIS: NEW ORLEANS, and NCIS: NY.

  • As for page count, it will be once a week for the four NCIS's
  • I will make out a layout
  • NCIS-Mondays(Starts This Fall)
  • NCIS: LA-Tuesdays(This Fall)
  • NCIS: NEW ORLEANS-Wednesdays(This Fall)
  • NCIS: NY-Thursdays(This Fall)
  • I have already came up with the cast for each show
  • I will go with Issues instead of chapters on this one
  • For each Issue, at least 15 to 24 pages long, sometimes longer or less than 15
And yes, that's a lot of work and more comics on the way . . .