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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Request: American Revolution leading up to Independence (Army uniforms, dresses, etc.). & a side question pertaining to the request: I recently went to Independence Hall and noticed that the tights the actor who played Ben Franklin wore had some sort of little design on the sides of his shins. Were decorative tights like this common? I had never seen anything like them before in a reenactment!

Honestly I really have no idea about the tights.  In those day everything got embroidered, so I’d guess it wasn’t terribly unusual.  Someone better to ask would be a reenactor.

 Anyway, the American Revolution is an interesting part of American history, no matter how much Tea Partiers and right-wing pundits distort it.  The impetus for the push for independance was The French and Indian War (1754-1763), which was part of the larger Seven Years War between France and England, who were always fighting about something or other.  After the war ended, The Colonies were taxed to pay for it.  Before this, England had long-standing policy of salutatory neglect, meaning that as long as the British flag was flown and the King was recognied as sovreign, The Colonies were free to govorn themselves.  So when they began to exert force, the colonists didn’t like it very much.

 The American Revolution itself was launched with the signing of The Declaration of Independance.  The signers of The Declaration actually sat around for hours debating whether or not to actually sign the thing because signing it meant they could all be executed for treason.  The Continental Army was formed as a ragtag, ill-equipped militia and had no official uniform.  Britain was caught up in larger military involvements with France, and King George III suffered from recurrent bouts of mental illness.  Naturally, France leant its force to the Continental Army, and it largely due to this that The American Revolution was won.

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