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Friday, June 7, 2013

Mariano Fortuny’s dresses are the finest color porn ever

 Yes, I post a lot of Fortuny, and no, his stuff isn’t as popular as some of the frilly 50s stuff that I also post.  But my rabid love of his dresses still knows no bounds.   There are three things about Fortuny’s dresses that make him unique:
 1.  Fortuny, along with Paul Poiret (favorite designer #3), was one of the first designers to deviate from the stiff, ornate dresses of the Edwardian era and created simple, unstructured dresses that were to be worn without a corset.

2.  The pleats!  The fabric would be gathered by hand, and then subjected to a heat-based pleating process that is said to have died with Fortuny and has never been exactly recreated.

 3.  COLOR.  Along with being a designer, Fortuny was a painter and an inventor.  He used his knowledge for chemistry to perfect dye pigments, and then gave the fabric multiple dye baths, so that the end result is that even his black dresses just glow. 

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