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Saturday, June 29, 2013

My Sleepy Hollow Story Fan Page

I'm getting ready to work on my story I came up with in my head and it will be in a form of a comic I am creating.  There will be some friendly faces and some mean faces.  General Sir William Howe is the main focus of this story.  Now I want you guys to know the main cast of my story and let's start off with General Howe.

GENERAL SIR WILLIAM HOWE The third son and the youngest son of Emanuel Howe and Charlotte Howe.  He entered the army when he was 17 by buying a cornet's commission in the Duke of Cumberland's Dragoons in 1746. He then served for two years in Flanders during the War of the Austrian Succession. After the war he was transferred to the 20th Regiment of Foot, where he became a friend of James Wolfe.  He is best known during the American Revolutionary War.

The rest of the cast are:


RICHARD HOWE, 1ST EARL HOWE-The older brother of Sir William Howe.

MRS. BETSY LORING-General Howe's mistress.

I got some guest staring ones as well too and some recurring ones.

 ALAN WARREN From Lora Innes Webcomic "The Dreamer" will be guest starring in my story.
BEATRICE WHALEY Beatrice will also guest starring in my story, too.

JOHN HAMPTON will be recurring in the story as one of Howe's officers.

SARAH PHILLIPS will be guest starring also.  Sarah is from T.V. hit cartoon show "Liberty's Kids" if you all remember.

JOHN PHILLIPS the brother of Tom Phillips and one of General Howe's officers and close friend of General Howe.

LT. TOM PHILLIPS from "Liberty's Kids" the one who got killed off in episode 6 gets to be part of my story and also the younger brother of John Phillips(above).

GENERAL SIR HENRY CLINTON is guest starring in this story as one of Howe's officers and ordering General Howe around and being the big boss.

Lt Colonel Thomas Knowlton will be guest starring with us.

That's all the cast for Act I.  Yes there be 5 Acts in this story.  Act I will be more of General Howe's background story.  The beginning of the story will begin during the arrival of General Howe in Boston on May 29, 1775, that's when he arrive.  So here's the teaser cover of Issue 1:

 Issue #1 will start on July 10, 2013.

Happy 4th of July Everyone!

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