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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Villain of "Sleepy Hollow"

I have decide the villain of the story.  He's very evil at times.  He will appear at the end of Act I as a "Guest Starring" character at the end and then a main character from Act II to the end of the series.

His name is right on the picture above and have already add him and General Howe's older brother, Richard as well, too and almost forgot about him.  His eyes will mostly be brown but sometimes red.  He wears a brown wig while the good General Howe wears white wig.

He controls the The Headless Horseman and General Howe's dreams are cause by the Evil General Howe and both loves the same woman.

The Good General Howe have been getting these strange dreams about the The Headless Horseman and found out about the three women that were killed by the strange headless man on a black horse, wearing a black cape and black clothes.  Howe is on a mission to solve the case alone with few of his fellow officers to stop the The Headless Horseman and learned that the Evil General Howe is controlling the dreams and the The Headless Horseman and must be stop at all causes before everyone gets killed.

The Evil or Bad General Howe, the controller of the The Headless Horse, is out there to capture General Howe or beheaded him to take his command of the British Army but his plans are ruined by General Howe and a little help from his former ex lover Betsy Loring, in which, she fell in love with the good General Howe.

Evil General Howe on the Left and the Good General Howe on the Right.
Evil General Howe's dreams is to rule the world and control the largest army in the world and become King of the World at the same time but was ruin by the Good General Howe and was betrayed by his former ex lover on which she told General Howe everything while making love to him at the same time.  So General Howe plans on luring the Evil General Howe into a trap in which he almost failed thanks to the Headless Horseman beheaded the Evil General Howe in which to lead to his daring death for good and General Howe saves the day.

Well I can't tell you anymore in details til you read the comic, well, return on this Friday to find out on Page 3!


Planning Ahead

Beatrice Whaley did not made the cut for "Sleepy Hollow".
I just might be planning on do some short stories and BIO on some of the characters.  First of all, I want to do a Halloween short story and Christmas short story and some Thanksgiving on all the main, recurring, guess staring, and some other characters and the ones that got cut out of the main series.  And I want to do some biographies of get to know a little more about some of the characters like General Howe and the Headless Horseman and learn more about the myths behind the Headless Horseman and getting to know a little more about General Howe and his early life til his death.

The real General Sir William Howe c. 1777

Title page of Issue 1.



Monday, July 29, 2013


I have a bit change now that I already finish Issue 1 and working on Issue 2 and already on page 4 of that Issue.  One of my friends is telling that I should update on Wednesdays and Fridays now on, and I believe him and so starting next week I will update two pages that week and week after week now on.  Here are some progress I've been working on Issue 2:

Here's Issue 2 cover!

Sleepy Hollow new title page for Issue 2, much better than Issue 1's title page, do you think?

Backflash of Issue 1 reappear in the beginnging of Issue 2.

Another character, but don't worry, he's only a miner character.

The nightmare General William Howe been having lately.

Well that's all I can show you all for now.  Come back every Wednesdays & Fridays to see the new pages, but this week, it's only one page so come back Friday of this week and next week, come on Wednesday and Friday!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Spelling Mistake on Page 2

You can see it on this panel.

GENERAL WILLIAM HOWE: I'm fine, Clinton.  I was just thinking about something else.

See that?

That's the only panel on page 2 with leaving "thinking".  

Preview of the next Page!

Stay tune for page 3 next week on Friday!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Title Page

The title page is here!  Stay tune for page 1 on Friday and now on, updates will be on Fridays now on.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Updates Are Moving To A New Night

This is just came to mind that I will be updating on Thursday nights instead of Tuesday nights but next week will be two new page update.  Updates will be on Fridays instead of Wednesday after next week.  I have better luck staying up late on Thursdays than Tuesdays because of I have to work on Wednesdays and I am off on Fridays.

Well, last night I got two pages finish and are ready to go but that will be for a while. Here is the preview of the next for Friday!

Title Page For Issue #1

Title page will be added soon on Wednesday in which we all are looking for.  Once the title page is added on Wed., then we will start the real story by starting on page 1 and Issue 1 will be the smallest Issue in the endure series for now til Act I is finish.


Stay tune on Wednesday to see the title page!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Issue 1 Is Here

Yes Issue 1 is here with an all lot of scary things to happen.  Cover
The cover is here now and clink on the link above to see it for yourself!

Stay tune for Issue 1 Title page next week.  Enjoy the cover everyone!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Issue One Old Cover

I made little changes with the characters from my last blog, well, then, I still have the old cover before I made some changes with the characters and it still have some of the characters on it even though they are still on it and yes Richard Howe won't appear in Issue 1 so I made a new one, better and ever and yet it looks like my teaser poster except the Headless Horseman is not on the cover but is still on the title page.

Here is my old Issue 1 cover I won't be using for Issue 1:

In the old Issue 1 cover; you still have Bea and Alan, Richard Howe, Sarah, and the real Sir William Howe painting from c. 1777.

Here is a preview of the new one:

This is what Issue 1 cover will look like.

Well let's see how many days do we have for Issue 1 of Sleepy Hollow, Well, Sunday is almost over, let's say that there is only THREE more days to go!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Little Changes On The Characters

I made some changes on the characters.  Sir William Howe stays but there's some that will not appear in the story.  Here's the list of change characters:

*GENERAL SIR WILLIAM HOWE-He's the main character, so he won't be leaving Sleepy Hollow.


*RICHARD HOWE, 1ST EARL HOWE-Staying but he won't appear in ACT I.

*MRS. BETSY LORING-Staying but she will be recurring but also won't be appearing in ACT I.

ALAN WARREN- Won't be appearing in Sleepy Hollow.

BEATRICE WHALEY-Not appearing at all.

*JOHN HAMPTON-Get to be one of the main characters instead of recurring and will surely appear in ACT I.

*SARAH PHILLIPS-Still guest staring in the comic.

*JOHN PHILLIPS-Gets a bigger role in this story.

*LT. TOM PHILLIPS-Gets to be one of the main character in the story alone with his brother, John.

*GENERAL HENRY CLINTON-Recurring and also guest staring.



But we do have a new character joining use.  His name is LT. BRAIN BYRAN JOHNSON from Liberty's Kids and gets to be one of the main characters.


Remember to check out Issue #1 in 5 days and I'm count down the days.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Sleep Hollow Wallpaper

If you want this poster of Sleepy Hollow, so here it is the link to download this lovely poster for your wallpaper:

Yes, DeviantART can let you download pictures, too.

Happy a great safe weekend and stay cool!

It's Coming Soon

Happy Birthday America!  Hope you guys had a safe 4th of July.

Because Sleepy Hollow is coming fast than we thought so.  Updates will be every Wednesday and it's only going a one-page update for a while.

Here is a little treat for you guys.
Here is a trailer of the upcoming comic above and I will put this on DA for you guys to see.

Monday, July 1, 2013

The Dreamer Hold Off

I'm holding off on the webcomic "The Dreamer" for a while til next year.  I will let you guys know a week before resuming the comic and with "Sleepy Hollow" in the way so I'm taking a break for 6 to 7 months.

Links For Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow will be on DeviantART by starting with Issue 1.

Visit me for more on Sleepy Hollow on Pinterest.

I'm also on Twitter if you want to follow me.

And you can reach me on Facebook.

Those are the links you can reach me on for Sleepy Hollow.  So here is a preview of page 1. . . .
That is a scary preview right here!
Oh here's one more link to reach me on

Sorry about that, guys.