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Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Little Changes On The Characters

I made some changes on the characters.  Sir William Howe stays but there's some that will not appear in the story.  Here's the list of change characters:

*GENERAL SIR WILLIAM HOWE-He's the main character, so he won't be leaving Sleepy Hollow.


*RICHARD HOWE, 1ST EARL HOWE-Staying but he won't appear in ACT I.

*MRS. BETSY LORING-Staying but she will be recurring but also won't be appearing in ACT I.

ALAN WARREN- Won't be appearing in Sleepy Hollow.

BEATRICE WHALEY-Not appearing at all.

*JOHN HAMPTON-Get to be one of the main characters instead of recurring and will surely appear in ACT I.

*SARAH PHILLIPS-Still guest staring in the comic.

*JOHN PHILLIPS-Gets a bigger role in this story.

*LT. TOM PHILLIPS-Gets to be one of the main character in the story alone with his brother, John.

*GENERAL HENRY CLINTON-Recurring and also guest staring.



But we do have a new character joining use.  His name is LT. BRAIN BYRAN JOHNSON from Liberty's Kids and gets to be one of the main characters.


Remember to check out Issue #1 in 5 days and I'm count down the days.

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