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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Issue One Old Cover

I made little changes with the characters from my last blog, well, then, I still have the old cover before I made some changes with the characters and it still have some of the characters on it even though they are still on it and yes Richard Howe won't appear in Issue 1 so I made a new one, better and ever and yet it looks like my teaser poster except the Headless Horseman is not on the cover but is still on the title page.

Here is my old Issue 1 cover I won't be using for Issue 1:

In the old Issue 1 cover; you still have Bea and Alan, Richard Howe, Sarah, and the real Sir William Howe painting from c. 1777.

Here is a preview of the new one:

This is what Issue 1 cover will look like.

Well let's see how many days do we have for Issue 1 of Sleepy Hollow, Well, Sunday is almost over, let's say that there is only THREE more days to go!

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