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Monday, July 29, 2013


I have a bit change now that I already finish Issue 1 and working on Issue 2 and already on page 4 of that Issue.  One of my friends is telling that I should update on Wednesdays and Fridays now on, and I believe him and so starting next week I will update two pages that week and week after week now on.  Here are some progress I've been working on Issue 2:

Here's Issue 2 cover!

Sleepy Hollow new title page for Issue 2, much better than Issue 1's title page, do you think?

Backflash of Issue 1 reappear in the beginnging of Issue 2.

Another character, but don't worry, he's only a miner character.

The nightmare General William Howe been having lately.

Well that's all I can show you all for now.  Come back every Wednesdays & Fridays to see the new pages, but this week, it's only one page so come back Friday of this week and next week, come on Wednesday and Friday!


  1. Anonymous7/30/2013

    Wow! I can't wait for this up coming week for 2 pages! Yay! Clinton is just a a**h***!

    1. Anonymous7/30/2013

      I know, so who's the bad guy in this comic? Is Howe or Headless Horseman or Clinton? Let me know soon!

    2. Well, we all know General is not the bad guy at all in "Sleepy Hollow", General Clinton is only recurring so their both out, even though Clinton can be mean but he's no bad guy, he's the guy in between the "Good" and the "Bad", and you can say that the Headless Horseman is the main bad guy in the comic and besides, General Howe is the one who's having the dreams about the Horseman, so this is the only comic where General Howe is really the good guy than any other comics or TV shows.

      Have you check out the web comic "The Dreamer" if not, go check it out at this link:

      General Howe is the bad guy in that comic, in my comic, he's the good guy instead, so, it's the other way around and I'm a bit of a fangirl of General Howe and Nathan Hale.

    3. Anonymous7/30/2013

      Oh I see that now.