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Sunday, August 18, 2013


While working on Issue 2 of Sleepy Hollow, I can across the Evil General William Howe. The Evil General Howe was supposed to appear at the end of Act 1.  Yes, this could be a first myth in my comic.

Evil General Howe In Issue 2
Evil General Howe on the Left.

In Issue 2, General Howe talks to his friends about the dreams about the "The Headless Horseman" and news about the murdered women and their missing heads and the fingers points to the Headless Horseman.  Well, then, at almost to the end of Issue 2, General Howe call it a night and getting ready to go to bed, then out of nowhere, General Howe is hearing voices. The shadow of Evil General  Howe appeared at the end and General Howe in total shock.

It's true that Evil General Howe does appeared at the end of Act 1 and he does cameo in the end of Issue 2 but as a shadowed figure.

You can the shadowed figure of Evil General Howe in the picture above with the "The Headless Horseman".  

And here is another one as a dark figure and you can see parts of the red on the coat.  And he just told General Howe that he causes the dreams.  Is the Headless Horseman real or fake in the comic?

No Page Update for Friday Of This Week
Return on Wednesday for the final page of Issue 1!  We're taking a short break on Friday now that Issue 2 is on the way for week from this upcoming Wednesday.  So, after the Wednesday update have past, please return on the 28th of August for Issue 2.

Issue 2 will be all about the focus of General Howe's dream and who's causing the dreams!

Progress of my Works
Well, I just finish Issue 2, in which, means that it's time to work on Issue 3.  My goal is to get 15 pages done by the end of the week, including cover and title pages.  Issue 3 will contain 19 pages plus the cover & title pages.  Well, let's make the goal to finish Issue 3 by the end of this week 8/19/13-8/25/13!

News Updates will be every Sundays about the Progress and more about the comic.

                  Remember to return to see page 8 of Issue 1 on Wednesday, just Wednesday this week!  Next week we'll return to Wednesdays & Fridays!

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