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Sunday, September 1, 2013


Is everyone enjoying Labor Day Weekend so far?

I've did told you guys on Friday that I got some for more info on Gen. Howe's Bio, well, I'm still trying to come up with an idea for my cover and title, and I'm still writing the info down on peace of paper that so I can type it all up.

Right now is not the right time for the release date and I will let you all know soon.

It will be great to get to know General Sir William Howe a little better.

And I still have this wallpaper(above).  But that is no where near what I wanted so I will come up with a cover.

I will put the book on the blog and DA once it's all 100 0/0 finish.

Now on to Sleepy Hollow. . .

Well, we just started Issue 2 last week and I'm still working on Issue 3.  I'm still working on page 10 of Issue 3 in which it contains only 19 pages and Issue 2 only has 15 pages.  I will work a little more on Issue 3 this week now that Labor Day will be out of the way.  And I did a little more writing for the bubbles of Issue 3 last 2 weeks and I will might have some left-over lines for Issue 4.

So who's ready for Page 1 on Wednesday? . . .

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