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Sunday, September 15, 2013


There be no more previews of any new pages on every updates!  But I still show some previews on NEWS UPDATES for what's coming ahead on Issue 2 and later Issues.

I've been taking some time off this comic, I've been running other Facebook pages since the past week or whole week.  I will work more on Issue 4 sometime this week or next week.  I need to work on the General Sir William Howe's bio too.

There still no release date yet on the bio but still hoping to release it  by the end of the year but will be delayed.

Well, here is the preview of page 5 for Wednesday:
Clinton don't look so happy about it.
Here's page 6 preview for Friday:
Do you hate him now?
Those are the previews of this week page updates.  We are going to see more of Clinton being just a donkey this week.  And I will post some past fashion on here also.  It came to me in my head and on or something.  We might just learn more about fashion and all kinds of dresses they have on their site and some other site that deals with fashion.

That's all I can think of for right now so come back on Wednesday & Friday for some updates.

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