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Sunday, September 29, 2013


Halloween is coming real fast soon!  It looks like I'll be doing the comic strip.  And so, the Halloween update will be on Wednesday of that week of Halloween.

I've been apart away from the bio for a while.  I need to work on it as soon as I can.  I got some of it wrote down already and need to get right on it this week.

Issue 2:
So far, that we are getting to the end of it with pages 7 & 8 added.  So here's the recap of what has been happen in Issue 2:

On Page 1-Howe got the news and he thinks it's the Headless Horseman that killed those women.

Page 2-Howe still thinks it's still is the Horseman.

On Page 3-you can see the Horseman in the last panel with Howe in front of it in his dream.

Page 4-It's coming back.

Page 5-Howe is getting ready to tell Clinton about those dreams of his and the Horseman killing the three women.

Page 6-Clinton tells Howe to write a letter to his family.

Page 7-An officer tells Clinton the news about the three women killed and their heads were cut off and missing.

And Page 8-Clinton tells the officer to make sure that Howe is asleep.  And going onto the next scene with Howe looking at the flowers.
That is how far of what happen so far in Issue 2.  Pages 9 & 10 will be relaxing and away from Clinton.  Clinton is all about trying to out ranked an higher officers like General William Howe or Thomas Gage.

Well, that's all I have for now.  Please enjoy the previews of Pages 9 & 10!
Preview of Page 9
Preview of Page 10

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