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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Issue #0 Begins

Issue #0 is the beginning of Sleepy Hollow.  I know that Issues 1 & 2 are done and you can read them by going to COMIC TO READ tab on this blog.  The name of Act I is The Nightmares That Haunts You.  General Howe is the only seen main character in Issue #0 besides the 21st Century cast that will narrate through out Issue #0.  Howe's Family Tree is only at the end of Issue #0.  And so you won't have to worry about drama in this chapter and General Henry Clinton will be taking some time off.

Oct. 30th-Halloween Fun Comic (Seasonal Comic)
Nov. 1st-Issue #0 Title Page
Nov. 6-Page 1: The One About Sleepy Hollow
Nov. 8-Page 2: No Way, Mike!

More will be added soon after we get by Oct. 30th.

Halloween is getting close everybody!

Thanksgiving is the next holiday coming up.

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