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Sunday, October 27, 2013

NEWS UPDATE: Oct. 28, 2013

I will be staying with 1096 x 1420 instead of going smaller.  Never mind that, let's get to the real news.  I've got Thanksgiving and Christmas Seasonal comics all finish.  Halloween is this Thursday.  There is one page update this week so on Wednesday, so we got a special update for Wednesday, the day before Halloween. We are saving page 1 of Issue 0 for next week.  If you look at the upcoming dates below, you will know what I'm talking about.  Thanksgiving is the next upcoming holiday.

Thanksgiving title for the upcoming seasonal comic

Issue 0 is more focus on our main character, General William Howe's early life til Issue 1.  We get to know him a little more.  The 21st Century cast are narrating through out Issue 0 and on every page updates, I will tell which character is talking or narrating.  General Howe is the only character that will appear.  There's only 14 pages in Issue 0.

Cover for Issue 0
In Issue 1, General Howe is on his way to Boston, Howe was talking to General Henry Clinton, then he starts having a dream about the Headless Horseman.  Then, General Howe told Clinton that he was fine and Clinton thinks that Howe is having flash backs about his oldest brother George and he thinks is one of those bad dreams.  They arrived at Boston.  General Howe meets Lt. Tom Phillips and tells him about the dream he had been having since page 1 of Issue 1.  The Headless Horseman shows up in Howe's mind again, at first, he wants to take some rest then he focus on the dreams.  General Howe eats with Captain John Andre. John Andre tells General Howe to meet John Hampton and his brother and then the Headless Horseman shows up again in Howe's mind.  General Howe tells Captain Andre about the nightmares he's been having lately about the Headless Horseman and got some news about the three women beheaded.

Cover of Issue 1
Issue 2 is now finish since Wednesday of last week.  General Howe knows that the Headless ghost killed those women.  General Howe tries to tell Clinton but tells Howe to write to his family about the dreams he has been having.  General Clinton also tells General Howe to take a rest.  General Howe then buys some flowers for himself.  General Howe is getting a dream of the Headless Horseman ghost again and then Evil Howe shows up.

Cover of Issue 2
We will get to Issue 3 once after Issue 0 is finish and the next issue to update.

I will let you guys see a little preview of the cover for Issue 3.

Preview cover of Issue 3
I've just finish Issue 4 and will let you guys see the cover for it.

Preview cover of Issue 4

I'm still am working on it at this time.

I'm finish with Thanksgiving and Christmas short comics.

Oct. 30-Halloween Fun Comic (Seasonal comic)
Nov. 1st-Title page for Issue 0
Nov. 6th- Page 1: The One About Sleepy Hollow
Nov. 8th-Page 2: No Way, Mike!
More will be added soon after we get past Oct 30th.

Come back for a very special Trick-or-Treat on Wednesday.

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