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Friday, October 4, 2013


I just need one more page to go on Issue #0, so, I'll get this update updated for you guys before I forget.  Ever wonder how will the new update will be like for the "Characters" tab on Monday, so here is the preview of the 21st Century Characters List and I will have the 18th Century there to on Monday's blog update, so, enjoy the preview below:

21st Century Characters Info

Brittney Lee Howe-Mother of two kids, her husband have been killed at war, and she's a single mother now.

Michelle Sue-Ann Howe-Daughter of Brittney and John, have a older brother, and the younger one in the Howe Family.

Jake Howe-Son of Brittney and John Howe, and the first born child and son.

They lost their father while he was at war and his name is John William-Richards Howe.

They are related to General Sir William Howe and his brothers, George and Richard Howe

John Howe will not be in Sleepy Hollow.

Michael "Mike" Phillips-Friends with Jake and he is a football player at high school.

Joey Phillips- Mike's younger brother and sometimes shy.

They are related to John Phillips and his younger brother Tom Phillips and Michael acts more like John Phillips while Joey is little more like Tom in some ways.

Sarah Hampton-Friends with Michelle and Jake, she is Michael's girlfriend and is dating him, and she is related to John Hampton, which is also a main character.

Robert Johnson-Friends with Jake and Michael; he is related to Bryan Johnson, Tom Phillips's friend and a main character; and Robert is dating Jake's sister Michelle.
All of these characters but John Howe will narrate the story but won't appear in person so you won't see them at all in the story.  Issue #0 is where they will start off the story with a scary bedtime story about the The Headless Horseman and Brittney will tell them about the story about General Howe before having those bad dreams about the Horseman.  In Issue #0, the plot of the story begins with them getting ready for bed and Howe is about to board the ship to Boston and some of his earlier years before 1775 in which Brittney will explain some of it.  All of this will lead up to Issue #1 which you guys can read here on the blog and it's all finish and Issue #2 is getting close to the end with only five pages left.

Right now I'm still working on Issue 4 at this time.  I'm pretty sure that I'll release Issue #0 right before Issue #3 if I'm finish(which I am finish with 11 pages but the 12th page is Howe's Family Tree). There be a hold off on Issue #3, so, that you have to wait til Issue 0 is done with and then we will start Issue 3.

There will be an blog update on the blog on Monday.  I will be updating the "Characters" tab and will change the name "Characters List" to "Characters".  I will add a new tab for the fun pictures and wallpapers.  There be some changes on Monday, so, you will get an early news update on Saturday instead of Monday.  We will do next news update next Monday.  And I will tell you guys when it's all finish.  And I will update the links, too.
Sarah Phillips has been drop from the list of characters from "Sleepy Hollow" in any case that she'll will not appear at all.  Clinton will be joining the main characters cast instead of making him recurring and John Andre will be a main character also.  He will be there til Issue 4 or Issue 5.  After that, John Andre gets drop from the characters list.  He will get captured but we won't see  that part and someone will tell Howe about the news that John Andre has been captured.

I will make a Family Tree for General William Howe and his family.  It will be in Issue #0 and it will be in the bio too.  And it will be in the new tab with all the other fun pics. and wallpapers.

Work Progress
I am finish with Issue 0 but it will nee the Family Tree to go with it.  So, I will get right on it.  It will be longer than Issue 1.  Issue 1 will always be the shortest Issue in ACT 1.

ISSUE 4- I'm still working on it and I still got ways to go before I even jump right onto Issue 5.

GENERAL HOWE'S BIO- I really, really, really need to work on that one for sure.  I will get more of Howe's info wrote down soon.  Now that I got the bio and the Family Tree to worry about and need to work on it and I want Issue 0 done by Sunday so that's out of the way and one lease to worry about.

Stay tune for page 11 on Wednesday and come back for page 12 on Friday!

Here's the previews of the next two page:

Preview of page 11

Preview of page 12
No more previews til after we finish Issue 2!

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