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Sunday, October 20, 2013


Fun Media
There be an update on Oct. 30th in which it will be next week and it's the Halloween Fun Comic that will be added onto "Fun media" as a Seasonal Comics instead of putting it with wallpapers.

Issue #2 & Issue #0
Issue 2 is coming to the end this week with only Page 15 left.  Issue #0 will begin this week, too, on a Friday.  There be no page update on the 30th of Oct. so you guys get to see a seasonal comic strip in which related to Sleepy Hollow.  There is a page update on Nov. 1st, so it's only one page on that week.

Work Progress
I'm still working on Issue 4 and still getting more info on General Howe for the bio I'm still trying to work on. On Issue 5, I will be using 617 x 936 sheet instead of 1096 x 1420 sheet.  I've been using 1096 x 1420 sheet since from Issues #0-4 and I thought it would be a great idea and it will be a little bit smaller.  And was thinking of doing another seasonal comic for Thanksgiving.

What do you guys think of it in the comments below?

Oct. 23rd- Page 15: I've Been Looking For This
Oct. 25th- Issue #0 Starts with the Cover
Oct. 28th: NEWS UPDATE
Oct. 30th: Halloween Fun Comic (Seasonal Comic)
Nov. 1st: Issue #0 Title Page
Nov. 6- Page 1: The One About Sleepy Hollow
Nov. 8- Page 2: No Way, Mike!

More will be added soon after we get by Oct. 30th.

Those are dates to see what's going on once the year is coming to an end.  I've just redone the 18th Century Cast.  Well, that's all for now.

No previews for this week!

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