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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Page 10: I'll Let Your Enjoy Your Tea

I forgot the "d" in bed.
Well, I've done it again with a little error in tonight's update.  I really forgot to put the d at the end of bed, that's why it says "be" instead of "bed", I'm sorry about that one.  I will go back and fix it soon.

I went back to the other program.  I use "Comic Life" on pages 8 and 9 and I'm not going to pay money to buy the program so I whether use something that is already installed.  My computer don't need any of the cool and paid programs, money is tight right now for me.  I normally use Windows paint to get all the layouts to put on the page.  And I do the bubbles right on "PiZap" on Facebook and all the other things.

NEWS UPDATE will be on Saturday instead of Monday because of the update that will be on Monday.  So enjoy page 10 and you will enjoy the new update soon, so come back on Saturday for the news and what's going with the blog and I'll tell you guys after it's all finish.

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