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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Page 13: I Know Your Past

You can see that Evil General Howe is behind General Howe and in front of the Headless Horseman.

Evil General Howe first cameo ever on Page 13 and he will become a main character in later Issues but right he only appears as a cameo.  I did tell you about him in one of the older posts so here is the link for it: The Villain of "Sleepy Hollow".  You might have to clink on The Villain of "Sleepy Hollow" to go to the post.

This is my 100th post!  I'm so glad that I made it to an 100th.  My next goal is that I will try to make it to 200 posts.

I can see that General Howe is a little frighting of the Headless Horseman and Evil Howe and Halloween is two weeks away.

Next Updates:
Oct. 18th-Page 14
Oct. 23rd-Page 15
Oct. 25th-Issue #0 Cover (Start of Issue 0)
Oct. 30th-Halloween Fun Comic
Nov. 1st-Issue 0 Title

That's all folks so enjoy reading page 13 and don't let the Headless Horseman come after you!


  1. I'm new here and I just started reading Issue 1 of "Sleepy Hollow" and now I'm on Issue 2. I really enjoy it the most. I know that fashion plays a role in comics, movies, shows, plays, and what else you name it. I see that Gen. Howe wears a 1700's costume and I really love it.

    1. Welcome on aboard, Historical Fashion. I'm glad that someone likes fashion. I will check you out on Facebook soon.

    2. Right now, I'm posting the Tudor Era at this time. I have came across the 1700's Era before. And you need anything from us, you are more welcome to share my photos. And I see that you post some here before, are you still posting some new ones soon?

    3. I will be soon but am really busy with working to get Issue 4 finish and trying to work on General Howe's bio soon.

      Thank you and I will get to it soon.

      I'm not really into the Tudor Era much but am really big on Victorian, Georgian, and Edwardian Eras the most. And I really hate the 1960's to today's fashion.

    4. Same here. I'm not really going to post any 60's to today's ever.

      I always enjoy the Men's fashion of the Georgian Era and Women's Edwardian Era.

      I wonder if I should do a mix of both Men's Georgian and Women's Edwardian? I might just do that some day when I'm not busy with Pinterest Pic.s

    5. I think you should do that.

  2. Is that Evil Howe behind General Howe, yes it is him.

    Next year, Halloween is on a Friday.

    1. Your right, Paul.

      Yes it is Evil Howe behind him.

  3. 2 more pages 2 go!

    Here I come Issue 0!

    I'm no afraid of Evil Howe nor the Headless Horseman!

  4. Issue 2 ending already, wow! I hope General Howe wakes up from all of this soon. Can Halloween come any faster already? Will we see Evil Howe's face in this?

    1. Not in this Issue, yet.

      It's only the 15th right now and I know that it's real early for a page updates.

    2. I like it that way with early updates now that I can go to bed early tonight.