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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Page 9: I Just Love The Smell of Flowers

I'm loving the horse your riding, General Howe, can I ride with you?
Page 9 is very relaxing from those bad nightmares, Howe is keep on getting and away from General Clinton, too.  I was thinking of doing Issue 0 so that we can do the beginning roots before get settle into Issue 4 or after Issue 4 and it will be the beginning of Act 1 but  it don't make any sense doing Issue 0 before Issue 4 or 5 and after 2 or 3 but will do it anyway.  Issue 0 will be the uncut Issue instead.

I've got most of the Halloween Meme done and finish and I will get to the bio of General Howe tonight.  And I'll get right onto Issue 4 and try to get some writings done for Issue 0.

I got some new characters added in the Act 1 and don't which Issue they'll appear.  They will be from the 21st Century, oh yes, the boring century.  And they will relate to the main ones buy General William & George Howe never had any kids of their own but Richard would be the only Howe brother with kids so that some of these new characters are related to him.

I will talk more on Monday with more details about Issue 0 and who are the new characters and how they relate to some of the main characters, and more progress on the bio and Issue 4.  Til then, enjoy page 9 and come back for page 10 on Friday.

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