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Sunday, November 10, 2013

NEWS UPDATE: Nov. 11th

There's so many to talk about on News Update.  First of all, I want to talk about Vol. 1. . .

I've got the cover for Vol. 1 done and finish.  Vol. 1 contains Issue #0 through Issue #7.  It will be completed once Issue #7 is finish.  And I will released Vol. 1's cover only on Facebook on Wednesday and once Issue 7 is completed on other medias.  Here is the preview of the cover for Vol. 1. . . .

Facebook only let's me go up to 1,000 photos unless if it was Wall or Timeline photos.  I've seen other pages with over 1,000 photos and some have only 1,000 photos in one of their albums.  That's why I have to be really careful or make another album to fit the rest.  I wish we can go over the limits on Facebook for non;Timeline photos.  Here is a link for one of theirs. . . Historical Fashion-You can see why they made another album.

Here is the link for mine. . . Sleepy Hollow Webcomic-You can see that I have only 4 photos in Vol. 1.

Time for Thanksgiving Talk. . .

On the week of Thanksgiving, there will not be no page update but I got something better.  You guys remember the Halloween one we did not too long ago.  It won't be scary this time.  It's about the 18th Century Cast being thankful and even the headless horseman get's to be thankful for something.  Next week is a normal week for us all and with Thanksgiving getting close and Christmas is upon us.  -Halloween Fun For Sleepy Hollow-

We won't be able to finish Issue 0 by the end of this year.  I will tell more about it when it get close to December.

I am still working on Issue 5 and still working on the bio.  The bio will be released next year but haven't set a date yet but will get to do it once I get really close to the end.  And it's worth the wait for the bio and learning more about General Howe and his life.

Upcoming Dates
Nov. 13th-Page 3: How About The Phillips Brothers

Nov. 15th-Page 4: Howe Only Had Two Brothers
Nov. 18th-News Update
Nov. 20th-Page 5: We Want To Hear The Story
Nov. 22nd-Page 6: Okay, I'll Listen
Nov. 25th-News Update

Preview of Page 3

Preview of Page 4

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