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Sunday, November 17, 2013

News Update: Nov. 18th

This week is a normal week for us.  Well, Thanksgiving is next week and is coming fast.  I will update page 5 and page 6 this week.  Page 5 on Wednesday, Nov. 20th and Page 6 on Friday, Nov. 22nd.  For next week:

On Nov. 25th, News Update
On Nov. 27th, Seasonal Comic for Thanksgiving
And Nov. 29th, there is no page update on Black Friday

I do have the dates set for December.  From December 4th through December 13th are going to be normal as always.  On December 16th, the News Update is still there like any Mondays, but, that News Update on the 16th will be longer than any other News Updates.  On December 18th, page update as you guys love very much.  And on December 20th, you guys will get a seasonal comic as a Christmas treat and I will be taking a break from Sleepy Hollow from that day to til Jan. 13th of 2014 of next year.  More will be explain the 16th of December.

Mini Comics
Seasonal Comics are refer as Mini Comics.  I have two new mini comics that I will be working on soon after I finish the bio.  And I came up with the titles for them and I will tell you the name for them once I'm half way done with the bio.

One of them will focus on the Phillips Brothers.  It focus on Tom Phillips and John Phillips before General Howe arrive to Boston.  General Howe will get a cameo in the story.  General Thomas will appear in the story but won't be appearing in ACT I of the main story but he will be in ACT II.

The other mini comic will focus more on the Howe's.  It will start with General Howe's parents getting married and it will ends with General Howe choosing to fight the Americans in 1775 and he gets ready to board the ship and kiss his wife good bye.

Characters for ACT II
I was doing some writing for ACT II and I came across some new characters that have not even appear in ACT I and they appear in ACT II.

Captain John Andre
John Andre will not be in ACT II.  Issue #3 will be John Andre last Issue that he will ever appear.  I know that John have not appear much lately but I will someday gave him his comic, but it will only be a mini comic like the other two above.

Lt. Thomas "Tom" Phillips
Tom Phillips will be leaving in Act 2 but not sure of what Issue is his last.  I know we will miss him a lot once he leaves.

Lt. Bryan Johnson
Bryan will be leaving with Tom Phillips.

John Hampton
John Hampton will be leaving in ACT 2 after his brother dies in a battle.

Evil General Sir William Howe
Evil Howe joins the main cast at the end of ACT 1.

Mrs. Betsy Loring
She will be joining the cast for ACT 2.

Richard Howe
Howe's older brother Richard will be appearing in ACT 2.

Col. John Petersmith
Col. John Petersmith is a new character in ACT 2 and he will be on General Clinton's side and he will be far more worst than Clinton.  I will tell more of him later once we're in Issue #7.

General Thomas Gage
General Gage will appear in ACT 2 but he won't appear as much as we were hoping to be.  He will leave in Sleepy Hollow once General Howe takes commands of all British forces.

Idea Characters that I'm not sure will or will not be in ACT II
I came up with a list of the characters I was thinking of if they be in the series but here is the list:

  • Ben Franklin
  • General George Washington
  • John Adams
  • John Hancock
Those are the characters that I'm not sure of if they appear or not appearing at all.

Issue #5
I will try to finish Issue 5 by the end of this year so that I can work on the bio.  I already got the cover and title pages done and finish and I got 8 pages finish but I am getting there.  And we will soon see General Clinton in Issue 5 and John Phillips becomes Captain John Phillips as well.  The headless horse maybe appear in Issue 5 or later Issues.

Issue #0
The story just begin on page 4 and if you are looking forward for page 5, so here is the preview of the page for Wednesday:

Enjoy the preview of page 6:

Upcoming Dates of what's ahead
On Nov. 20th, Page 5: We Want To Hear The Story

Nov. 22-Page 6: Okay, I'll Listen

Nov. 25-News Update
Nov. 27-Seasonal Comic
Nov. 29-No Page Update
Dec. 2-News Update
Dec. 4-Page 7

Thanksgiving is in 11 Days!

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