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Sunday, November 24, 2013

News Update: Nov. 25th

Thanksgiving is this Thursday, guys.  There is no page updates this week.

You guys will love Wednesday's update, no it won't be page 7 but something else better.  We all need a break from Issue #0 just for one week.  So, that's why you'll will get to see the Thanksgiving Meme from the characters of Sleepy Hollow Comic.  The name of the meme is Thanksgiving Fun For Sleepy Hollow.  The all point about the meme is that is about the cast being thankful about things.  The headless horseman get's to be part of it, too.  We will resume page 7 on December 4th.

Issue #5
I am half way finish with Issue #5.  Lt. Bryan Johnson will be in Issue 5 and it is his first Issue to ever appear in.  I can't show any pictures and you'll have to wait til next year if I make it to Issue 5 and was thinking about three pages a week next year.  I will tell more of it on December 16th.

End of the Year: 2013
Have you guys read the Page 6 update from Friday on the about the recap of the older news update posts I've did in the past?  Well, I'm making the December 16th News Update the biggest ever you ever going to read.  And I want to do the recap everything from Sleepy Hollow before 2013 ends. The only update that won't be included is the Christmas Meme for December 20th.

I will get right back to it once Issue 5 is finish or progress.  I got some of the pages done and some that are ready to be typed.  I still got some notes finish and are written down but not all.  I will try to finish writing the rest down this week.  And I will try to finish Issue 5 and it should not take that long.

* * *
Well, that's all I have to say here.
* * *
Upcoming Dates
On Nov. 27th, Seasonal Comic: Thanksgiving Meme

On Nov. 29th, No Updates For Sleepy Hollow

On Dec. 2nd, News Update
On Dec. 4th, Page 7: Why George Why
On Dec. 6th, Page 8: James Wolfe
Dec. 9th, News Update
Dec. 11th, Page 9: I Change My Mind

Thanksgiving is in 4 Days

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