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Sunday, December 22, 2013

General Howe's Favorite Eras

General William Howe will be sharing his favorite dresses today, just before 2013 ends.  Christmas Eve is tomorrow.  We are only down to 2 Days now.  Also, there is only 9 Days left of 2013.

So enjoy Howe's favorite dresses here! . .

GENERAL HOWE: Today, I will be sharing some of my favorites from LACMA and some from MET.

GENERAL HOWE: First of all, here's the first one. . . The Mantuas.  It dates back to the 1690's but this dress date's is 1700.

HOWE: It's like a bustle dress like your 1870's and early 1880's.

HOWE: You can tell by looking at it by looking at the side views.

HOWE: Oh boy, I wish I could lived in the Early 1900's(1900-1909).

HOWE: The date of this dress is 1904-1905.

HOWE: It is a pretty dress, not too wide unlike the 18th C.

HOWE: My next one is a Girl's Two-Piece dress, dating back to 1881 and it's one of those Mantuas.

HOWE: This one is from 1876.

HOWE: Time for some women's dresses and some men's wear to add to this blog.

EVIL HOWE: You better watch it there!

HOWE: Not this time!

HOWE: Sorry about that, time to get back to the blog.

HOWE: I like this one.

Date: 1760-1770

HOWE: I was young in 1750.  I really miss the 1750's a lot.

HOWE: I would like that very much for women to wear under their dress and I like that corset.

Date: 1900

EVIL HOWE: Why can't this be a women's fashion instead of underwear garments?

HOWE: Corsets can be very fashion like if you wore it outside instead of an underwear garment.

HOWE: There's so many of these I really really like and now I really want to wear them.

HOWE: Here is a woman dress from 1882.

HOWE'S WIFE: I really like that one!

HOWE: This is my wife, Frances.  She is the woman I married in 1765.

FRANCES: We've been married for 10 years.

HOWE: For most of all, I really enjoy the House of Worth's the most and my wife is in love with the gowns from House of Worth.

HOWE: My favorite of all is this dress on the left here.  All that gold and I can picture my wife in this dress the most.

HOWE: This one me and my wife both agree on.  It is one of the best dress from House of Worth.

HOWE: This dress is a must have for my wife.

FRANCES: William, honey, I want this dress very badly!

HOWE:  The dress is very lovely and I gave this dress a 10 out of 10 here.

HOWE: This dress reminds me of the 18th C. Era by looking at the front part of the dress.

HOWE: The side view of the dress surely do look the way the other 18th C. dresses looks.

HOWE: I like this one.

HOWE:  That's all I shared for you to see.

EVIL HOWE:  Mine will be better, so you better come back for mine.

Tomorrow is going to be an House of Worth theme.  Some of the one's above are House of Worth.  Evil Howe surely wants to share his real bad.

Upcoming Dates
On Dec. 24th, House of Worth

Dec. 25th, Merry Christmas

Dec. 26th, Gay 1890's
Dec. 27th, 1900's: 1900-1910
Dec. 28th, Civil War Era: 1861-65
Dec. 29th, The Titanic Era: 1911-14
Dec. 30th, The 1830's
Dec. 31st, The Roaring 1920's

Jan. 1st, The 1850's
Jan. 2nd, The 1840's
Jan. 3rd, The Late 1910's: 1915-20
Jan. 4th, Evil Howe's Favorite Era
Jan. 5th, Meeting the Cast of John Andre Arrives
Jan. 6th, General Howe's Bio
Jan. 7th, General Howe Talks About His Favorite Foods
Jan. 8th, Charles Worth's Gowns
Jan. 9th, Jean Worth's Gowns

Jan. 13th, News Update
Jan. 15th, Pages 12-14: The Family Tree
Jan. 17th, Issue 3: Begins
Jan. 20th, News Update
Jan. 22nd, Title Page
Jan. 24th, Page 1: You've Been Causing These Dreams
Jan. 27th, News Update: The Very Last

You can tell that Evil Howe's is on Jan. 4th and Jan. 6th is when I will tell the release date of the bio.



Well, at least General Howe has been good while Evil Howe and Henry Clinton are been very bad and they will be getting coal this year.

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