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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Last News Update of 2013

My Past Blogs
General Sir William Howe, 5th Viscount Howe
General Sir William Howe's Mistress-Mrs. Elizabeth Loring has gone down in the pages of history as the notorious mistress of Britain's General William Howe.  Making matters worse is the claim that her husband turn a blind eye to the affair in order to receive a lucrative government appointment.

While Joshua Loring was overseeing the housing and feeding of rebel prisoners during the winter of 1777-78, his wife was part of the General Howe's entourage that was enjoying the delights of Philadelphia.  Records of the period note that Elizabeth accompanied Howe everywhere in the city and that she became a leader in society.  Was she simply a good friend and companion -- or his mistress?

Whether innocent or guilty, Mrs. Loring's reputation as the British general's mistress would be set in stone in 1778 thanks to an often-quoted bit of propaganda titled The Battle of the Kegs.  Written by Francis Hopkinson, a man who had signed the Declaration of Independence, the poem contained this verse:
"Sir William he,
snug as a flea,
Lay all this time a snoring,
Nor dreamed of harm
as he lay warm,
In bed with Mrs. Loring.

 Was Hopkinson stating what everyone already knew, or was he making a salacious conjecture?  It would not be the first time an enemy leader would be accused of sexual impropriety.  Although some historians claim that there were many such ditties exposing Howe's reputed indiscretions, Hopkinson's poem is in fact the only such jib at the British general.  Does one poem a mistress make?

A decade later, Judge Thomas Jones offered his own opinion of Mrs. Loring when he wrote his manuscript about the Revolution in New York.  A loyalist himself, Jones was furious that the British had lost the war and lay the blame squarely on Howe's shoulders -- and Mrs. Loring's charms.

Read more about it in the link above.

My Sleepy Hollow Story Fan Page-I'm getting ready to work on my story I came up with in my head and it will be in a form of a comic I am creating.  There will be some friendly faces and some mean faces.  General (Sir)William Howe is the main focus(character) of this story.  Now I want you guys to know the main cast of the story and let's start off with General Howe.

I remember my very first Sleepy Hollow blog from June 29th of this year.

Sleepy Hollow Wallpaper-If you want this poster of Sleepy Hollow, so here it is the link to download this lovely poster for your wallpaper:

Issue #1 Old Cover-I remember the first cover of Issue 1 but I had little changes with the characters.

The Villain of "Sleepy Hollow"-It is Evil Howe as we all know it and besides the Headless Horseman, too.

News Update Update: General Howe & Clinton Drama-This is one of my best news updates here.  Oh General Clinton must be crazy insane with all these dramas.

Sleepy Hollow Halloween Special-Our very first seasonal comic.

Thanksgiving Meme-This was my first one featured all of the cast of Act 1 and some from Act 2.

Black Friday Favorite Past Fashion-This is mostly of some of the fans that wanted to share their Black Friday Favorites.

More Black Friday Favorites-Mostly of my favorite dresses and gowns.

I will add Page 11 post to this blog along with the Seasonal Comic post.

This is going to be the last News Update of 2013.  The next News Update is on Jan. 13th of 2014, which is next year.  Issue 9 will resume on Jan. 15th with three pages.  You guys still get Page 11: Love Ones on Dec. 18th.  On Friday the 20th, there be a very special update.  I am taking a break from Sleepy Hollow From Dec. 21st to Jan. 12th and will be back on Jan. 13th.  We will start Issue 3 on the very same week as we end Issue 0.  So that's why and it is the Family Tree at the end of Issue 0.

And I'm taking the time off so that I can finish the bio and work on The Phillips Brothers.

The next short story after The Phillips Brothers is John Andre Arrives.  I will gather some info on about him.  He first appeared in Issue 1.  And I will do All About The Howes, the next short story that focus more on the Howe Family.  I was going to do the story right after The Phillips Brothers but choose to do John Andre Arrives instead.

General Howe will be helping us with the countdown the days til Christmas and the New Year's Eve day.

9 Days

On Dec. 18th, Page 11: Love Ones

Dec. 20th, Seasonal Comic: Happy Merry Christmas Meme

Jan. 13th, News Update

Jan. 15th, Pages 12-14: The Family Tree
Jan. 17th, Issue 3: Begins
Jan. 20th, News Update

Jan. 22nd, Title Page

January will be the last time that I will ever be doing News Updates and other than that, we will be doing three pages a week after January, so how is that sound. . . and besides I want to get Act 1 done sooner so that we can move onto Act 2.  Oh, and Have a very Merry Christmas, Sleepy Hollow Readers and Happy New Year: 2014!

Come back for Page 11: Love Ones.

And we will be counting the days everyday here and General Howe wants to help with that so I said yes he can help.  He is just a great man and John Andre wanted to help him but not sure with him yet.  And Evil Howe has been a bad man this year so he won't be helping this year but will help with the New Year's Eve countdown while General Howe countdown with the Christmas.

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