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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Middle Bustles: 1876-1883

I am sorry that this update is late but the next one will be tonight, which that is for tomorrow.  So here are some bustles. . .

In 1876, the bustle is starting to get smaller.

Like this one here

Waistline also starts coming down below the waist.

Waistline is still low in 1880 but the end of the dress starts to rise above the ground.

The bustles starts to get ready to grow again.

It's all coming back or returning.

It all reminds you of the 1690's form.

I think that in 1885, that the bustle starts to grow.

In this dress, the bustle haven't grown yet.

You can tell by with Early Bustles and Middle Bustles by looking at the waistline. With Early Bustles, the waistline is above the waist and Middle & Late Bustles are below the waist when you are looking at all these dresses on Google or other sites.

This one is my favorite of all.
In this dress, the bustle looks bigger and it is in 1878.

That's all I have for you guys, so come back for the Late Bustles.

General Howe wishes he were a woman to wear all these dresses.
4 More Days Til Christmas

Evil Howe will be joining General Howe for the New Years Eve Countdown.  It is like a doomsday clock here.

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