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Sunday, December 1, 2013

News Update: Dec. 2nd

Have you guys seen my Black Friday favorite dresses? My Black Friday Dresses

Some of them are House of Worth.  And some other people did share their favorites in the post before mine.  Black Friday Dresses

At least Thanksgiving is out of the way and Christmas is near as we all know it.  Richard Howe and Betsy Loring will be in ACT II.  You guys got to see Evil Howe and the headless horseman.

Issue 5 is almost close to be finish and are going to be ready for next year as I'm hoping for.  I will get right back to the bio of about General Howe this week.  Here is the Fun Facts you will enjoy:  Did you guys ever think of some of the characters that reminds you of the Washington Irving's book The Legend of Sleepy Hollow or Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow?

General William Howe is Ichabod Crane.

Betsy Loring is Katrina Van Tassel.

General Henry Clinton is Brom Van Brunt.

I'm not sure with Evil Howe, but oh wait a minute, I got it.

General William Howe=Ichabod Crane
Betsy Loring=Katrina Van Tassel
General Henry Clinton=Brom Van Brunt
Evil Howe=Baltus Van Tassel

Brom Van Brunt full name is Abraham "Brom Bones" Van Brunt.  Howe and Clinton do competes with who's the higher rank and that's why Clinton is Brom Bones.

That's all I have for Fun Facts for you guys so here is the preview of page 7.

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