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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Page 11: Love Ones

General Howe cared about them alot.
Page 11 is one of the last four pages of Issue #0 that you will look back on.  It is the last page update til Jan. 15th.  There is now only three pages left of Issue 0, which the last three pages are the Family Tree and you'll will get the last three pages on Jan. 15th.  They will also appear in the bio and the family tree will also appear in one of the short stories, All About The Howes.

I am working on the characters for The Phillips Brothers.  And I will be working on the short story this week while I'm working on the bio at the same time.  I have came up with a plot for the short story.  And I will tell you guys about the characters in the short story.

The start of the story starts in the Spring of 1769.  John picks on his brother, Tom by calling him Thomas.  Tom Phillips just don't want to be called by his birth name Thomas.  Sarah worries about her two brothers.  The Phillips's boys came home for dinner.  They talk about General Thomas Gage before he showed up at dinner.  General Gage then asked George Phillips about the boys joining the army.

In March of 1770, Tom and his brother and his sister are about lose their mother.  John's mother dies before he join the force.  They all also lost their sister the week after their mother's death.

In 1773, they talk about the Boston Tea Party.  Tom got a letter from British Officer William Howe and been made Lt. Tom Phillips.

They came to Boston in 1775.  Tom asked about the two generals that are getting off the ship.  And he saw Major Generals Henry Clinton and William Howe, who's the one that sent that letter to Tom Phillips in 1773.

It ended with the facts about the story.

Now time to get to know about the Phillips Family and Friends. . .

Tom Phillips and his older brother, John, we have already know about and now the rest of the family, now.

Sarah Phillips

Sarah likes to be out going and she's not into the all the big and wide gowns unlike her mother.  She is the youngest child of the family.  she has blue eyes and a red-headed.  She also loves her brother Tom.  Sometimes she tries to pick on her oldest brother, John.  She died of small pox at the age of 10.

Mary Ann Phillips

She is the mother of three kids and is married to George Phillips.  She pretty much hates George III.  She died of illnesses in 1770.  The following week after her death, Sarah dies of small pox.

George Phillips

George Phillips have a brother named Sam Phillips.  George is the father of 3 kids and married to Mary Ann Phillips.  After Mary and Sarah died, he raise the boys til they went in the army.  His wife wanted to meet Major William Howe but never got to but her sons did.  He maybe appear in Sleepy Hollow.

George Johnson

George Johnson is the older brother of Lt. Bryan Johnson and a very close friend to John Phillips.  They both enjoy picking on their brothers and sisters.

General Thomas Gage

General Thomas Gage is the British Army Officer or General in the British Army and was replace by British Major General William Howe in 1775.

He will appear in Sleepy Hollow  as a main character in Act 2.

King George III and Lord North will guest stars in this short story.  John Andre himself will cameo along with Major Sir Clinton and with Major General William Howe.  Howe is one of those very most important characters and is the main focus in the Phillips Family and for Tom Phillips himself.

7 Days Til Christmas

Stay tune for a Christmas Update.

These are the list of Characters that will not be in Sleepy Hollow . . .

  • Sarah Phillips (She died of small pox in 1770 at the age of 10.)
  • Mary Ann Phillips (She died in 1770.)
  • King George III said no.
  • Lord North won't be and George III told him no.
George Phillips maybe appear in Sleepy Hollow.  And I will try to let it happen.

Upcoming Dates:

On Dec. 20th, Seasonal Comic: Happy Merry Christmas Meme

Jan. 13th, News Update
Jan. 15th, Pages 12-14: The Family Tree
Jan. 17th, Issue 3: Begins
Jan. 20th, News Update
Jan. 22nd, Title Page
Jan. 24th, Page 1: You've Been Causing These Dreams

I will share some old fashions during the countdown of Christmas.  So, tomorrow is going to be some early bustles(1870-1875).

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