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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Page 7: Why George Why

In this update, we will get to know a little more about on Major William Howe's oldest brother George and why William really misses him.

George Augustus Howe, his full name.  he is the 3rd Viscount Howe after his death, was a career officer and a Brigadier General in the British Army.  He was described by General James Wolfe, which we will talk about on Friday, as the best officer in the British Army.  George was killed in the French and Indian War in a skirmish the day before the Battle of Carillon, an ultimately disastrous attempt by the British to capture the French-controlled Fort Carillon of July 1758.

General James Wolfe

In the aftermath of George's death, he was widely mourned on both sides of the Atlantic.  Even it hurt William the most why he starts drinking wine often til his death I think.  It also effects Richard after he got married.

Richard Howe, William's older brother and the middle Howe brother.
Page 7 is just one full page with only one full panel that covers the page and a shadow of a horse behind him.

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