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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Page 8: James Wolfe

This update is little more on about James Wolfe.  James Wolfe is one of the best Generals that ever lived.  General James Wolfe also described William Howe's brother George as the best officer in the British Army.

James Wolfe is also described as The Hero of Quebec, The Conqueror of Quebec, and also The Conqueror of Canada, ever since the capture of Quebec led directly to the capture of Montreal, ending the French control of the country.

Wolfe was an active and restless figure.  Amherst reported that Wolfe seemed to be everywhere at once.  I wish we had another James Wolfe today.  George II stated Mad, is he?  Then I hope he will bite some of my other generals. and that includes Generals Sir William Howe and Henry Clinton.  That what's he mean by that.  God wish George II was here in the 21st Century.

In a letter to his mother in 1751, he admitted he would probably never marry, and also stated that he believed that people could easily live without marrying.  He sure was right about that part.  I know I will never marry ether.  There's something me and Wolfe have in command on the never marrying part.  James Wolfe was killed at the Battle of Abraham in 1759.  He even didn't live long and I know that it is very sad and I think I'm going to cry. [crying]

On Page 8, William Howe is still thinking about his close friend (James Wolfe) and he wishes Wolfe wasn't killed.  I think that very same thing, too, William.  Page 8 is more like Page 7 and one full page.

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