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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The 1850's: The Return Of The Hoops

The 1850's fashion clothing is characterized by an increase in the width of the skirts supported by crinolines or hoops, and the beginnings of dress reform.  In the 1850's, the doomed skirts of the 1840's continued to expand.  Skirts were made fuller by means of flounces (deep ruffles), usually in tiers of three, gathered tightly at the top and stiffened with horsehair braid at the bottom.

Before the hoops came back into fashion in 2nd half of the 1850's, the skirts were supported by layers of petticoats just like the 1830's and 1840's.

The introduction of the steel cage crinoline in 1856 provided a means for expanding the skirts still further, and flounces gradually disappeared in favor of a skirt lying more smoothly over the petticoat and hoops.  Pantalettes were essential under this new fashion for modesty's sake.  Enough said about it.  Here are the gowns.  First of all, we'll start with the fashion plates.

Here are some fashion plates.

c. 1850

c. 1851

c. 1852

c. 1853

c. 1854, skirts starts to get wider

c. 1855, skirts are getting bigger

c.1856, this is the year that the crinoline first appears

c. 1857

c. 1858

c. 1859

Here are some real photos of the gowns.

Here are some real dresses.

This is one of the crinolines but this is from the 1860's.
Here is another 1860's crinoline.
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