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Friday, December 27, 2013

The Civil War Era: 1861-1865

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Time for some Civil War Era!

These dresses [or gowns] were worn during the American Civil War in which it only last only 4 years.  The war was fought between the north and the south.  Mary Todd was one of those women who wore these large gowns.  The gowns were supported with hoop cages.  The shape started shifting to the back after the war.  So I'll be sharing some of these dresses today, so, enjoy the Civil War era and these dresses are part of the Victorian era.

Here are some real photos during the Civil War era.

Time for some fashion plates.

c. 1861
c. 1862
c. 1863
c. 1864
They starts to get wider and are ready to shift to the back.

c. 1865
1865 was the end of the Civil War Era and The Bustle Era begins in 1866.

4 Days Til New Years Eve

You will, Evil Howe

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