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Monday, December 30, 2013

The Roaring 20's (1920's)

Well, it's New Years Eve and the new year is tomorrow.  I pick the Roaring 1920's for the New Years theme.  The 1920's was the first era with the flapper dresses and the Robe de Style gowns and the first era to get rid of the corsets.  so enjoy the flapper dresses and the Robe de Style gowns.

First of all I'll do the flapper dresses.

And one more dress.

That's the last of the flapper dresses with low waistline.

Here comes the Robe de Style.

That's the end of the Roaring 20's and it is New Years Eve, everybody!  And No more countdowns after this update.

General Clinton shows up to party with General Howe and the bad guy, Evil Howe.

Upcoming Dates

Jan. 1st, The 1850's: The Return Of The Hoops

Jan. 2nd, The 1840's: The Victorian Era Begins
Jan. 3rd, The Late 1910's: 1915-20
Jan. 4th, Evil Howe's Favorite Era

Jan. 5th, Meeting The Cast Of John Andre Arrives
Jan. 6th, General Howe's Bio
Jan. 7th, General Howe Talk About His Favorite Foods

I'm only posting seven dates for the Upcoming Dates today.

Come back tomorrow for some 1850's Gowns.

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