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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Charles Worth And His Gowns

The founder of House of Worth is Charles Fredrick Worth, the master mine behind these wonderful gowns.  This is my most favorite designer of all time along with his son Jean-Philippe Worth.  There won't be any fashion plates in this update.  Well, let's get to the facts.

In the later half of the Victorian age, the fashion world was dominated by one designer:  Charles Fredrick Worth.  He was born in England, Worth apprenticed and worked at several fashion houses in Paris before establishing his own in 1858-1895.  With both remarkable craftsmanship and relentless self-promotion House of Worth was popular among high society and women of lesser means.  Some wealthy women would even travel all the way to Paris to have their entire wardrobe done by House of Worth.

Now that I will be sharing some of his work (dresses or gowns).  Enjoy!

This was done by both Charles and Jean.

This one is in 1897 but Charles & Jean both design this dress before Charles died in 1895.

Come back tomorrow to learn about Jean Philippe Worth and his work of dresses and you are going to see some of the same dresses.

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