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Friday, January 3, 2014

Evil Howe's Favorite Era: Dresses Only

Evil Howe will be sharing his favorite dresses in this blog.  He is taking over the blog today.  Evil Howe is the bad guy in Sleepy Hollow.  Now, here he is.

Hello everyone, I am the evil character from Sleepy Hollow, I'm Sir William Howe.  And yes I am taking over this blog today and I wish for the same everyday.  At least I won't have to worry about that little rat, William.  If you were wondering about what is my favorite era is, I'm into the whole bustles and steampunk style and black is my favorite colour.  Mine is way better than that weak rat Sir Billy.  And tomorrow, I won't be taking over this blog.

c. 1890

c. 1877

I love this side view of this dress and that steam punk style.

The back is lovely.

c. 1879-1881

Great side view of this dress and the gold & black for the style.

c. 1875

c. 1888-1889

This is a little more of a steam punk than the ones above.

c. 1879

This dress is not black but I love it.

No side view of this dress, c. 1883

c. 1874-1875

c. 1878

c. 1870's

My dear Mistress wants me to share some of her favorites and I said yes and here they are. . .

c. 1770, she like the 18th C.

c. 1750-1775

Same dress but darker.

c. 1740's

c. 1765

c. 1775

c. 1780

c.1770- 1775,  and that is the last one for her.

That's the end of Evil Howe and himself taking over my blog and tomorrow I will tell you guys of who will be appearing in one of my short stories I'm working on.  John Andre is the main character in the story.

Upcoming Dates

Jan. 5th, Meeting the Cast of John Andre Arrives

Jan. 6th, General Howe's Bio
Jan. 7th, General Howe Talks About His Favorite Foods
Jan. 8th, Charles Worth's Gowns

Jan. 9th, Jean-Philippe Worth's Gowns
Jan. 10th, Quiz Time #1
Jan. 11th, Quiz Time #2

Good bye, everybody from Evil Howe myself and stay safe and careful of ice & the cold.

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