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Monday, January 6, 2014

General Howe Talks About Favorite Foods

Hello everyone, I'm General William Howe again from Sleepy Hollow as the main character and that Evil Howe will not be getting in the way this time.  Today, I will tell you guys about my favorite foods and some drinks.  It is glad that to take charge of this blog today and which if you are Evil Howe, that means to taking over the blog or something like that.  You guys already know about the release date for the bio from yesterday's update.  I'm very glad it will be the joyful book to read and it's about me.  And my wife will go nuts tomorrow for some Charles Worth.

This is my wife I married in 1765, her name is Frances Connolly.
Here is the list of the foods I enjoy the most of all. . .

  • Turkey Soup- I eat it when it is cold in the house
  • English bread-I love the smell of bread in the morning
  • Grapes
  • Apples-the green apples
  • Turkey-on Christmas ever year
  • Ham-on Christmas with turkey
  • Corn
My favorite drinks are. . .

  • Wine-I started drinking wine since the death of my brother George
  • Tea-everyday and mostly in the mornings
That's it all I have to say for the drinks and we didn't have pop back in the 18th C.

Come back tomorrow for some Charles Worth's gowns and yes my wife likes his dresses and his works.  And tomorrow I won't be taking over the blog.  I'm only taking over today's blog only and I wish I could do everyday.

Here are some dates for later updates for the blog. . .

Upcoming Dates

Jan. 8th, Charles Worth's Gowns

Jan. 9th, Jean Philippe Worth's Gowns
Jan. 10th, Quiz #1
Jan. 11th, Quiz #2

Jan. 12th, Quiz #3
Jan. 13th, News Update: Welcome Back
Jan. 15th, Pages 12-14: The Family Tree

Wow, we are getting close to Sleepy Hollow updates on Monday of next week.

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