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Sunday, January 5, 2014

General Howe's Bio Release Date

Release Date for the Bio
The name of the bio is Long Live The Great British General Sir William Howe.  The release date for the bio is March 3rd.  The bio will focus on Howe's life.  I'm just happy that the bio is all finish now and I'm working on the short story The Phillips Brothers.

This is the cover for the bio and about Howe's life.
Here Is Some Little News
I really missed doing News Updates on Mondays so next week we will be back to Sleepy Hollow updates and there is only three more News Updates life and this is the last month that I will ever do News Updates.  And after that we will get three pages a week.  I will tell about it all on Jan. 13th News Update.

Here is the sneak peak of Issue 3!

Upcoming Dates

Jan. 7th, General Howe Talks About His Favorite Foods

Jan. 8th, Charles Worth's Gowns
Jan. 9th, Jean-Philippe Worth's Gowns
Jan. 10th, Quiz Time #1

Jan. 11th, Quiz Time #2
Jan. 12th, Quiz Time #3
Jan. 13th, News Update: Welcome

Come back tomorrow to find out about General Howe's favorite foods and he will be taking over the blog on that day and so I will take tomorrow off from all this and I will be back on Jan. 8th.

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