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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Jean-Philippe Worth's Gowns

Charles Fredrick Worth's son, Jean-Philippe, began working as an assistant to his father in 1875.  While he gradually began to create some designs of his own, his father was still credited as the main designer.  Upon his father's death in 1895, Jean-Philippe took over the House of Worth as head designer.  At this time, House of Worth was no longer the only important fashion house in Paris, and Jean-Philippe catered more towards the wealthy elite rather than women of varying means as his father did.  He still continued the elegant, well-crafted aesthetic of his father, and House of Worth still remained a powerful force in the fashion world until about World War I, when it was on to a third generation, Jean Charles Worth.

Like father, like son.

I am doing a quiz tomorrow on this blog and then we will be back to Sleepy Hollow next week, which that is in 5 days.

Here's something to keep you worm.

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Come back tomorrow to take the quiz.  You have to guess what year that goes with the dress or suits and there is no cheating in this quiz.

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