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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Meeting the Cast Of "John Andre Arrives"

It is going to be a short story comic and it will be shorter than the other two short stories.  It is about John Andre arriving in Boston.  It focus on him meeting the other British generals and officers.  Now it is time to know who's will be in this comic.  First of all, John Andre is the main character in John Andre Arrives and also one of the main characters in Sleepy Hollow.

John Andre:  He is part of Sleepy Hollow.  John likes to be a real talent at times.  He comes from the rich family.

I haven't done a wallpaper for John Montresor, General Thomas Gage, and Major General John "Johnny" Burgoyne.

John Montresor: John Montresor is an another character John Andre friends with.  He and John Burgoyne are the only two characters that are not in Sleepy Hollow and Montresor maybe might appear in Sleepy Hollow in later chapters of the comic.

General Thomas Gage: General Gage is in command of the British Army.  He have been in The Phillips Brothers which I have not got to it and now that the bio is out of the way and will work on the comic soon and he will be in Act 2 of Sleepy Hollow as I planned.  He will leave after Act 2 once General Howe takes command of the British forces.

Lt. Thomas "Tom" Phillips: Tom Phillips is an another Sleepy Hollow character.

Tom gets to meet John Andre.

John Phillips: He is another character from Sleepy Hollow.

John Hampton: Another Sleepy Hollow character.

Left: Major General William Howe
Right: Major General Henry Clinton

Major Generals Henry Clinton and William Howe are going to cameo in this short story.

John Burgoyne on the brown horse while Gage is the left.

Major General John "Johnny" Burgoyne: He will cameo in this short story with Howe and Clinton and never been in Sleepy Hollow.

This is the chance and only chance to see him.

* * * *

John Andre (Main)
John Montresor (Main)
General Thomas Gage (Main)
John Phillips (Main)
Lt. Thomas "Tom" Phillips (Main)
John Hampton (Main)
Major General Henry Clinton (Cameo)
Major General William Howe (Cameo)
Major General John "Johnny" Burgoyne (Cameo)

That is the list of the characters that will be in this comic.

John Burgoyne will not be in Sleepy Hollow.  So you guys have a chance to see him only in this short story.  And John Montresor, I'm thinking of having him in Sleepy Hollow and we'll see more of him later.

Upcoming Dates

Jan. 6th, General Howe's Bio

Jan. 7th, General Howe Talks About His Favorite Foods
Jan. 8th, Charles Worth's Gowns
Jan. 9th, Jean-Philippe Worth's Gowns

Jan. 10th, Quiz Time #1
Jan. 11th, Quiz Time #2
Jan. 12th, Quiz Time #3

Come back tomorrow for the release date for the bio I just finish.

Next week we will be back on track for Sleepy Hollow updates.

Here is the sneak peak of the The Phillips Brothers.

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