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Sunday, January 12, 2014

News Update: Welcome Back

We are back, guys.  I'm glad to be back to Sleepy Hollow updates so it's time to put on our scary mask or even a cape.  But first, let's start off with the answers for Quiz #1 to see if you got it right or wrong.  Each picture is 1 point so check your answers if you got it right.

Here are the answers for Quiz #1. . .

  1. C
  2. B
  3. C
  4. A
  5. A
  6. B
  7. C
  8. C
  9. A
  10. C
  11. B
  12. B
  13. C
  14. A
  15. C
15 Points

Now that's the end of the quiz and you can still retake it.  Quiz #1

Here is Quiz #2 if you haven't took it.  And here is Quiz #3 to follow up on all three quizzes.  The results for Quiz #2 is Wednesday, Jan. 15th and the results for Quiz #3 is Friday, Jan. 17th.  Don't forget about those dates.

Now it is time to get back to Sleepy Hollow topic.

We will be finish with Issue 0 this week.  And we will start Issue 3, which means that we are halfway through Act I.  I'm just happy that we will be halfway into Act I.  And the next four Issues will go by fast and thinking of releasing one of Sleepy Hollow's short stories the same way as we do with Sleepy Hollow.  It will also gave me some time to work on Act II.

I won't be doing weekly news updates after January.  But I will still do the news update at the end of every month instead.  So keep an eye on the Upcoming Dates for the date of the News Update.

So on this Wednesday, you guys will get the last three pages of Issue 0.  And on Friday, we start Issue 3 at last.  So we are recapping Issue 0-2 to refreshed your minds.

Issue 0 Recap
Page 1 - It all start with Brittney and the kids to get ready to start off the story.

Page 2 - The kids wants to hear the story and Mike is picking on the girls.

Page 3 - Michelle and her brother Jake are glad that they are related to General Howe.

Page 4 - The story is being told about General Howe and he first appear in and it only takes only four pages for him to appear in. (Most normally the main character shows up in the first page or the second page but General Howe appeared in the fourth page.)

Page 5 - Mike won't keep his mouth shut.

Page 6 - The story is picking up and General Howe reappear.

Page 7 - General Howe thinks about his brother George's death.

Page 8 - Then he thinks about James Wolfe.

Page 9 - And he changes his mind so that he will be fighting in the war.

Page 10 - General Howe sets out to Boston.

Pages 11-14 are extra pages that were added after page 10.

Issue 1 Recap
Issue 1 is really two pages shorter than Issue 0 without the four extra pages after page 10.  Enjoy the recap of Issue 1!

Page 1-General Howe is on his way to Boston and Clinton first appear in this page.  Howe starts having dreams about the Headless Horseman.  This is the first page for the headless horseman to appear in.

Page 2-General Howe is about to tell Clinton about the dreams he's been having or just got them.  And the captain thinks that Howe is just having a bad dream and Clinton think Howe is still thinking about his brother George's death.

Page 3-They made it to Boston safe and sound.

Page 4-General Howe thinks about the city and he and Tom Phillips meet each other and Howe tells him about the dreams.  This page is also the first page that Tome Phillips appears in.

Page 5-Howe thinks about the dream and he thinks he needs a rest.

Page 6-General Howe eats with John Andre which this the first page that John Andre ever appears in.

Page 7-John Andre tells Howe that he should meet with John Hampton and the headless horseman reappears.  John Andre also asked General Howe if he is alright and Howe says he's fine.

Page 8-General Howe told John Andre about the dream and he got the news that three women were killed and their heads are missing.  (You will find out how old they are and who they are in Act II.)

Issue 2 Recap
Page 1-It recap from page 8 of Issue 1 and one of the spies hands him the paper.

Page 2-He thinks that the headless horseman is behind it all.

Page 3-General Howe also tells one of his officers about the dream.  The headless horseman reappear again.

Page 4-General Howe is having that dreams again.  He get's ready to tell Clinton about the dream.

Page 5-He tells Clinton about the dreams but Clinton think General Howe should talk to a family member about the dreams and Clinton never cares about Howe's dreams.

Page 6-Clinton also tells William to write a letter.  Howe also tells him that the headless horseman is real.  He and Clinton fight with only words on about the dreams and the headless horseman. (Some of you guys started hating General Henry Clinton because he never listens to General William Howe's problems or dreams.)

Page 7-Henry C. tells him to take a rest by ordering him to do so.  And William Howe keeps talking about it and Henry tells him to shut it.  More info on the three were in their 20's when they died.  Henry kind of believe him on the three women that were murdered by the unknown killed that who cuts off people's heads.

Page 8-Henry makes sure that William get's some rest.  William disobeyed Clinton's orders by shopping for some flowers.

Page 9-General Howe picks out some flowers for himself.  Then again Williams tells John Andre about the fight he and Clinton had earlier and the dreams.  John Andre offer him some wine and he said "No" and he only wants some tea.

Page 10-Then again, John ask him if he is alright.  William said he'll be fine.  William heads off to bed.

Page 11-William looks in the facts and the headless horseman appears again.  Someone is calling his name.

Page 12-Then Howe ask who is calling him and someone again still calls him again.

Page 13-Some unknown man or shadow figured appears (which that is Evil Howe all that time).

Page 14-The shadow figured wants to kill him.

Page 15-The shadowed figured reappeared to haunt William and causing the dreams and trying to kidnapped William and that ends Issue 2 and you will find out more in Issue 3 once we get started.

Issue 3 will pick up where Issue 2 left off before we started Issue 0.

Tom Phillips will appear in Issue 3.  John Phillips will appear for the first time as a new character.  John Phillips is also Tom's older brother and John Andre will be in it.  John Hampton is also another new character in Issue 3.  Evil Howe even tries to appear at the end.  And no Henry Clinton in Issue 3.  John Phillips is the one you should worry about.  General William Howe get's a break from Henry Clinton in Issue 3.  Issue 3 will start off slow in this month but it will go fast afterwards.

I am still working on The Phillips Brothers at this time.  I got some of it work on.  This is the comic that will be after Issue 7 once Act 1 is finish.  And then I got John Andre Arrives scripts almost finish like halfway.  It will follow The Phillips Brothers and I hope to work on the script for All About The Howes.  It will be longer than any short stories I've done.

Here is the sneak peak page for Issue 3. . .

John Phillips is in this page.
Upcoming Dates

Jan. 15th, Pages 12-14: The Family Tree

Jan. 17th, Issue 3: Begins
Jan. 20th, News Update: One More To Go
Jan. 22nd, Title Page: Returning To Issue 3

Jan. 24th, Page 1: You've Been Causing These Dreams
Jan. 27th, News Update: The Very Last
Jan. 29th, Page 2: Ten More People Killed

Come back on Wednesday for the Family Tree page(s) update.

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