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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Page 3: Have Fun With That

Tomorrow is the release of the Bio, guys.  The Bio will be in Fun Media tab and you are more welcome to read it.  It will also be there for new comers that want to learn more about Sleepy Hollow main character, Genera William Howe.  This is the only bio that I will ever do and it may be my first bio I've done and it will be the last bio I will do.  And I was hoping to do more bios but it was a lot of work on it but it also get's in the way of my other works but am glad that it's out of the way now.

Enjoy Page #3!

Today is the last day to do those quizzes so you better hurry.  The quizzes are in the LINKS tab and they are there til Feb. 1st.

Upcoming Dates

Feb. 1st, The Release Of The Bio

Feb. 3rd, Page 4: Pvt. John Phillips
Feb. 5th, Page 5: He's One Of My Best Officers
Feb. 6th, Valentine's Week: Start Of The Mini Comic

Feb. 7th, Page 6: You Are Right About Your Brother

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See you guys tomorrow for the release of the bio and come back Monday.

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