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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Page(s) 12-14: The Family Tree

But first I will start off with the answers for Quiz #2.

  1. 1825
  2. 1760
  3. 18th C.
  4. 1785
  5. 1780
  6. 1750
  7. 1790
  8. 1745
  9. 1740
  10. 1790
Each one is worth 1 point if you get them all right.

Today, we are finishing up Issue 0.  Issue 0 is a more relaxed than Issue 2 without Henry Clinton and his mouth of his.  On Friday, we will start Issue 3 and it's cover for it.

John Phillips will be joining us as a main character.  He is already on the list on the CHARACTERS tab.  John Hampton will also be joining us, too.  Those are the new characters for Issue 3.  We will start Page 1 of Issue 3 next week along with the title page.

Today, you guys get three pages which that it is The Family Tree.  And this is the only day that you ever get more than one page.

Enjoy the family tree of General William Howe and his older brother Richard.

Upcoming Dates

Friday, Jan. 17th, Issue 3: Begins

Jan. 20th, News Update: One More To Go
Jan. 22nd, Title Page: Returning To Issue 3

Jan. 24th, Page 1: You've Been Causing These Dreams

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