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Friday, January 10, 2014

Quiz Time #2: Men's Fashion

Are you guys ready for quiz #2?  It will be the men's fashion.  This quiz is the same as the first quiz except that you have to guess between the two years that outfit belongs in.  So you still have to guess the right date of the suit or waistcoat belongs in.  I am using LACMA for this one.  All you can do after you guess the answer is to wait til Jan. 15th for the right answers if you think you got them right.

It's quiz time and enjoy!

1.  1825 or 1925

2. 1860 or 1760

3. 18th C. or 20th C.

4. 1785 or 1885

5. 1880 or 1780

6. 1950 or 1750

7. 1790 or 1890

8. 1745 or 1945

9. 1740 or 1840

10. 1790 or 1890

Come back tomorrow for the last quiz and come back Monday for the returning news update on Sleepy Hollow.

Upcoming Dates

Jan. 12th, Quiz Time #3: LACMA

Jan. 13th, News Update: Welcome Back
Jan. 15th, Pages 12-14: The Family Tree
Jan. 17th, Issue 3: Begins

Jan. 20th, News Update: One More To Go
Jan. 22nd, Title Page: Returning To Issue 3
Jan. 24th, Page 1: You've Been Causing These Dreams

We will be back to Sleepy Hollow updates on Monday, which that is in two days.

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