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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Newsletter: February 2014

From our last news update (now renamed newsletter), which was January 27th.  So far, it's been over a month now.

For March, you'll get two pages on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays til the next newsletter.  It will start on March 10-28, which it is March Madness.  I thought I could speed things up for you guys.  I'm already four or five Issues ahead so that's great news right there for you guys.

I'll be going on Spring Break on April 26-May 5th, but I'll still do the newsletter for April on the 30th.  So you won't be getting any new pages during my Spring Break til May 5th.  So, updates will resume on May 5th.

March 16th is my 1 year anniversary with this blog.

Have you guys seen my main website?  Yes, I did a little update on it.  Once, you are on the site, you will see READ FROM THE START/READ THE LATEST PAGE, now that you can read the comic on there instead of on DA.  Don't worry, I'll still post the new pages.  You can also read from the start or you can read the newest page on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays.  I even did the same with the seasonal comic we just did on Feb. 6-14.  One of each pages, you'll see <<PREV   NEXT>> above the page and below the page.  I even did the same on DA, too.  Only it is under the page.

You can Follow me on Patreon for my latest works and help pushing the comic to the new level, and hopefully have more followers soon.  You still can vote Sleepy Hollow everyday on TopWebComics.  I already got some IV captions from other people made on this blog.  I'm still using Twitter like always so please follow me on Twitter, Pinterest, TopWebComics, Patreon, and Facebook!  And also, I have another site, so go check it out!

Well, it looks like that we are getting close to the end of Issue 3 with only 5 pages left.  Hopefully, we'll be on Issue 4 right after Issue 3 is finish.  Evil Howe will be back in Issue 4 and it looks like that Clinton will return, too.  Well, it looks like that Issue 4 will be going back to drama again.  Issue 4 Sleepy Hollow font (picture above) is the same as Issue 0's and it will be the main font for Sleepy Hollow.  Issue 6 will have the same style or look as I did with Issue 0 and it will be like that for later Issues, too.

You can tell that there is 6 ACTS and 41 Issues.  I was hoping for 50 but 41 is good enough for me and you guys.  If something comes to mind, I'll let you all know.  Issue 41 is the final Issue of the series.  I'll tell more about it once that we are in ACT VI.  ACT IV is the longest ACT as you can tell.

There have been some changes in the series.  You all were hoping that Evil Howe appearing at the end of ACT I, but he won't be so you get a break from that til ACT II.  While, I was rewriting the scripts, well that explains a lot with Evil Howe not appearing at the end of ACT I as I was hoping for.  Also, Richard Howe and Mrs. Betsy Loring won't be in ACT II.  Mrs. Loring will be in ACT III instead.  General Thomas Gage will be joining us in ACT II at the end.  He will be part of the Cast along with Evil Howe.

Well, I better let you guys go.

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Upcoming Dates

March 3rd, Page 15: I'm Just Not Ready To Have Any
. . .
March 5th, Page 16: Can I Come In?
March 7th, Page 17: It's About Time
March 10th, Pages 18 & 19: It's Still "No"


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  1. I'm the first comment!

    This is the best update ever!


  2. Two pages a day starting Monday, I really like that alot.

  3. Wow, I'm almost at 200 post, while this newsletter post is in the early 180's.

    1. I wonder if once you make it to 200, you should release two pages for the 200 post.

    2. That would be right around the March Madness, where you get two pages a day (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays til March 28. I think my 200th post might be in during the Madness, if not, it's only one page still.

  4. This is great update even though we didn't get any new pages today.

  5. I like that we get the rest of Act 1 without Evil Howe appearing at the end. I was hoping for Richard Howe to be in Act 2 and now that we have to wait til Act 3.

  6. Can't Clinton just lose his head to the headless horseman already! Maybe he'll leave Tom and Howe alone for good.

  7. Do you guys remember on one of the posts where I ask you what's your favorite & least favorite characters? Well, I went through the comments and the results are in.

    Top Best Characters. . .

    1) General William Howe-4
    2) Lt. Tom Phillips-3
    3) Capt. John Andre-2
    4) The headless horseman, John Phillips, & Nathan Hale (even though that he's not part of the cast yet but he is still liked) each have one like.

    Now the most hated characters and don't get mad that your favorite hero is on the list!

    Hated Characters. . .

    1) Evil Howe-8
    2) Henry Clinton-5
    3) John Phillips & General William Howe-2
    4) Capt. John Andre-1

    1. We all hate Evil Howe and who else likes him, really! Poor General Howe, I felt bad for him being on the hated characters list and John Phillips & Clinton belongs in the hated characters list in the first place from the start.

    2. Nathan Hale is not even in Sleepy Hollow, not until Act 4. And there better not be any bashing on General Howe during Act 4!