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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Page 12: John Hampton

NEW Page #12!
Hampton no nothing about the dreams, yet.
John Hampton get's to make his first appearance in page 12 today, guys.  Bryan Johnson is the only character left that we have not got to yet.

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Upcoming Dates

Feb. 24th, Page 13: A Ghost In My Mind
Feb. 26th, Page 14: Nice To Meet You
Feb. 28th, Newsletter: February 2014
March 3rd, Page 15: I'm Just Not Ready To Have Any

Two pages next week!


  1. I like this John better than the other one.

  2. This John is far better and cuter than John P.

  3. I'm new here and I just stared reading this comic since Friday. I love it.

  4. I just heard about your legs bothering you on Twitter and you working on Act 4 scripts. I still wondering about the other covers for Issues 4-18 being up early. I've seen other web comics but I've never seen them did what you did with yours and your the best.

    1. Thank you, Molly. My legs are still kind of sore. I'm a bit different than most web comics artists. And I've only been working the covers of each Issues and I will work on Issue 19's cover soon.

    2. Does this means that you are holding off on the comic for a while with that sore legs of yours?

    3. Not really and I sure don't want to miss a day off of work and no I wont hold off on the comic and the sore is temporary and I will make it and I'm strong to not to gave up because of a temporary soreness. I already got the dates set anyway so there's no hold offs not just yet.

    4. That's good and temporary soreness can be a pain in the butt all the time.

      Get well soon and your health is more important right now.

      *Oh, wait a minute, this second sentence is met for Lora Innes and I thought that I was on the Dreamer for a second.*

      I had two tabs open and it met with both of you, I'm so sorry that my brain is not working well.

    5. That's alright.

      Well, it kind of sucks now that she's holding off on the Dreamer in two weeks.

    6. I know, it really sucks right there. Maybe, once the Dreamer is back on, maybe she will go back to Wednesdays & Fridays.

      You use to do Wednesdays & Fridays before you went to Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays.

    7. Yes, I have before I went to three days.

      Well, we better hope for that soon. As long as it better not be 6 months or more but only a few weeks(like 3 or 5 weeks, something like that).