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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Page 14: Nice To Meet You

NEW Page #14!

Howe's nickname is "Sir Billy" and also short for William.
This is the first page that "Sir Billy" first appear or heard and sometimes "Billy" from one of the characters.  General William Howe have been called "Sir Billy" by some of his officers.  "Billy" is short for "William" and there, you got "Bill", which it is also short for "William".

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Feb. 28th, Newsletter: February 2014
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March 3rd, Page 15: I'm Just Not Ready To Have Any
March 5th, Page 16: Can I Come In?
March 7th, Page 17: It's About Time

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  1. No IV today!

    Here, this page is a cliffhanger and we have to wait til Monday for page 15.

  2. I'm glad that you posted this update and you must of had a good nap or something. Some comic book artists never done that before what you did.

    Oh boy, the suspense begins now and we have to wait for Monday to come.

    Your not doing the IV?

    1. I will update the IV on Friday.

      I kind of laid down for a while and move around.

  3. I see that you updated the IV.

    1. Which means that it's going to be an early update.