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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Page 4: Pvt. John Phillips

John Phillips first appearance.
John Phillips makes his first appearance for the first time and it only took four Issues to get to him.  He can be a pest sometimes.  He is the older brother of Tom's and he enjoys picking on others, including his own brother and Major William Howe, too.  In the near future, John will soon someday will become softer and bonding with William and later he get's involved in William's dreams and he will also goes against Clinton's commands to help William to save Clinton from being killed by the headless horseman.  Well, for some of you guys, you would have to worry about Henry Clinton in later Issues.

The bio is out now, so go check it out and there's no more quizzes to worry about til the end of 2014.

Also this is the first week to get three pages, Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays.  On the last week of February, you only getting two pages and a newsletter all on that week.

Here is a sneak peak preview of the next page ... for Wednesday.

Upcoming Dates

Feb. 5th, Page 5: He's One Of My Best Officers

Feb. 6th, Valentine's Week: Start Of The Mini Comic
Feb. 7th, Page 6: You Are Right About Your Brother
Feb. 8th, Valentine's Week: Page 1: I Could Help You With That

Also, I'm starting a Valentine's comic this week on the 6th, which I called it Valentine's Week.  The comic will be in the FUN MEDIA tab and it has seven pages, plus the cover and title included.  It will be everyday from Feb. 6th to Feb. 14th for new pages of the mini comic.  The main comic pages are still Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.


  1. I know that it's early but it's up.

  2. Perfect timing for a page update, I love it.

  3. I can see why John Phillips is just plain mean rude but I like this page.

  4. We only get to see his back is page!

    1. Have you seen the last panel?

    2. Oh I didn't know that was him.