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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Page 5: He's One Of My Best Officers

We start the Valentine's Comic tomorrow and don't worry, we still do Sleepy Hollow at the same time but only Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays.  If you want to find out more on the dates for the Valentine's comic, it's on Facebook.  Richard Howe will also be in it so you guys get to meet him for the first time.  He won't be in ACT I & ACT II.

Who is William's best officers?  Read Page 5 to find out of who is William's best officers.  What I love about page 5 is the Phillips Brothers and William get's in between them.

Tomorrow is the start of the Valentine's comic so stay tune.

Vote to preview to see the cover of the mini comic ... for tomorrow!

Upcoming Dates

Feb. 6th, Valentine's Week: Start Of The Mini Comic

Feb. 7th, Page 6: You Are Right About Your Brother
Feb. 8th, Valentine's Week: Page 1: I Could Help You With That
Feb. 9th, Valentine's Week: Page 2: I'll Be Back Soon

Also this is the first week to get three pages, Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays.

On the last week of February, you only getting two pages and a newsletter all on that week.

The bio is out now, so go check it out and there's no more quizzes to worry about til the end of 2014.


  1. I wonder if I can hit John in the face one of these days.

    IV: I love that coloring of the title and Frances looks lovely next to her husband, William.

  2. John is evil and so is Clinton.

    Howe's wife, I just love her hair is she's pretty~_~

  3. At least that Frances is prettier than that mistress of Howe's.

  4. Dam she's hot & pretty!