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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentine's Week: You Are Right About Your Brother

Valentine's mini comic Title Page

For Valentine's Week, which that today is the day you get a title page for Howe Falls In Love.  Also, you get page 6 of Sleepy Hollow today, too.  It's like getting two pages all in one day.  Tune in tomorrow for Page 1 of Howe Falls In Love.

Vote to preview the first page of Howe Falls In Love!

Upcoming Dates

Feb. 8th, Valentine's Week: Page 1: I Could Help You With That

Feb. 9th, Valentine's Week: Page 2: I'll Be Back Soon
Feb. 10th, Valentine's Week: I'm Just Not Sure Why
Feb. 11th, Valentine's Week: Page 4: She Is Pretty

See you guys tomorrow for page 1 of the mini seasonal comic!


  1. Title page looks great and pretty.

    REGRET! I think I just got a misspelled word here. And you misspelled John Andre's name too.

    Is that Frances's mother?

    1. Thank you for catching that, Paul. I've been using a dictionary lately but if you see any spelling mistake in the future pages, let me know right away.

    2. I will do that for later pages.