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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Issue #4: Cover & Title

NEW Cover & Title!

Plus, we also start Volume 2.

Clinton and Evil Howe (which he did reappeared again at the end of Issue #3) will be back for this Issue.  Now that Issue 3 is all finish and today, we start Issue #4 with a cover & title.  We will start the story on Friday.

My spring break is not til the end of April.

The contest is still going on and don't forget to submitted your artwork by emailing me at!

Here are some submitted art entries. . .

By Paul, himself
By Liz & Paul
By William Howe
Remember to submit your artwork by emailing me message me on Facebook.

Stay tune with for the next two pages on Friday and VOTE this comic to view the sneak-peak of the first page of Issue #4.

Upcoming Dates
March 14th, Pages 1 & 2: Hold Your Horses
. . .
March 17th, Pages 3 & 4: That's Not What I Heard
March 19th, Pages 5 & 6: How Dare Him
March 21st, Pages 7 & 8: I Over Slept


  1. My art get's to be viewed, sweet and I love the covers of Volume 2 and Issue 4.

  2. What's the theme for this contest?

    1. Anything as long as it is relate to Sleepy Hollow or the seasonal comic we just did last month.

    2. Where is the seasonal comic located at?

    3. Well, it's in OTHER COMICS TO READ tab above and you can find it in the DA tab as well, too.

  3. I see my print on this post!

    Things are about to heat up in this new Issue.

  4. I'm still thinking something up for the contest, will the Tudor help?

  5. I think that mind will be in the next update on Friday, if not, it's going to be on the Monday's update.

  6. Other comics are doing the contest right now and this is the perfect time to do the contest and that's why this is the March Madness.

  7. I'm still working on mine right now so I better get right back to work.