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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pages #1 & #2: Hold Your Horses

NEW! Page #1 & Page #2

John Phillips now knows about General Howe's dream . . . the one about the headless horseman.  Don't you want to hit him for knowing about the dreams?  I sure would for it.

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Here are some submitted works. . .

by Tom Phillips via Clinton becomes a female witch
Frances's Mother by Historical Fashion

Video by William Howe

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Capt. John Andre, General William Howe, & Lt. Tom Phillips and they are the Goddess of the Seas by Joe
March 16th is my 1 year Anniversary of having this blog!

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March 19th, Pages #5 & #6: How Dare Him
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March 24th, Pages #9 & #10: He Knows


  1. I'll hit John P for you.

    That video made me laugh.

  2. John is such a jerk face on both of these pages. You should give us 2 pages on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays now on.

    1. It's only for March Madness and I wish I could.